School clubs and organizations are invited to apply for grants to fund their events and programs.

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Community involvement supports our students. Your company or organization can host fundraisers and other events, you can volunteer to work events, or donate items to school programs.

Anyone Can Be a Volunteer. Are You?

There are over 145,000 school-age children in the Antelope Valley. Westside Union School District serves over 9,000  – or 6% – of the AV youth.

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The mission of the WAVE Foundation is to promote and enhance excellence in education at Westside Union School District by providing independent financial support for innovative projects and programs that enhance or supplement the core curriculum and extended learning opportunities through extra curricular activities.

diverse-volunteersWAVE Volunteers provide support in gathering resources, campaigning for fundraisers, working events, and providing/distributing supplies. Westside Union School District Volunteers often work in the classroom to assist in managing student projects, fairs and other extracurricular events. Support the community by volunteering in or out of the classroom!

acme-cats-thanks-wave-fbAcme’s goal is to foster a love of theater in young people by putting them on stage as actors and in the theater as audience members.

  • Over the past 18 years, Acme Acting Company has put over 1,000 young people on stage as actors and has raised over $100,000.00 for WAVE.


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